Our Mission

Saint Paul Almanac is a literary-centered arts organization. We share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action in our city.

Our Book

We are currently accepting visual art and writing submissions for our 13th edition. 

Our Focus

We are particularly looking for pieces that share personal experiences of living in or visiting Saint Paul. Nonfiction, fiction, poetry, cartoon and more are all accepted. You do not need to live in Saint Paul to write about Saint Paul. Stories and poems must be 650 words or less. 


Editing is standard practice in the publishing world: very little writing anywhere reaches publication without some editing. We may need to tighten or shorten what you’ve sent us; we may ask you to rewrite or add to it.


By submitting to the Saint Paul Almanac, you agree to the following terms, which grant the Almanac unlimited use of your piece in print, on the web, or elsewhere, and which also affirms that you are completely free to resell or re-license your work anywhere else without our permission.

Author understands the material provided is to be used in the Saint Paul Almanac in a compilation that the Saint Paul Almanac will own and copyright in its name. Author grants the Saint Paul Almanac copyright rights to the material for use in the Saint Paul Almanac, Saint Paul Almanac website, and any subsequent repurposing of the material (new editions, “Best of” editions, etc.). The author shall be free, without any approval from the Saint Paul Almanac to use or license their material in any other way the author wishes. In the case of articles and stories, the publisher will copyedit pieces for general readability and space considerations. Poetry may be edited with agreement by the poet.

All writers receive $50 for their accepted submission, plus one free book.

The author warrants that the material is original and that the author owns the publishing and all other rights to the material and that said rights are not subject to any prior agreement or other right that may interfere with or impair the rights of the Saint Paul Almanac under this agreement.

 You have 30 seconds to tell a story that inspires connection and community during this unprecedented time. The story can be light-hearted or heavy, funny or serious, a proud moment, a failure, or a cautionary tale.  You can either record a 30-second video, write a 100-word story, or submit a photo/visual art. In your submission, also answer this question in 50 words or less:  What is the lesson of your story?  The answer to this question should be a written answer and should not be part of your story. 

These will be shared through the Saint Paul Almanac Social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram) please add your social handles if you would like to be tagged. 

Submit Your Artwork

The Saint Paul Almanac welcomes art submissions from Saint Paul residents and visitors. All submissions

are accepted online at saintpaulalmanac.org/submit.

We are particularly looking for visual art that shares the experience of living in or visiting Saint

Paul, or art from Saint Paul artists. Photography, painting, cartoons, and most other visual art accepted.

You do not need to live in Saint Paul to submit; you can live anywhere. If you have many images, please

share a link to them. 

Please include a short biography of fifty words or less.

Artists keep all copyright. We pay $10 per image published.

Image Quality

It is important to submit only images that have enough pixels/digital information in them. If your image

is selected to print in a book or poster, the image must be high-resolution—300 dpi or higher—at 11

inches wide. It is fine to submit a low-resolution version of your image for selection purposes, but be

prepared to submit a final image that is of the highest quality. If you have any questions or doubts, you

may query along with your image submission to have our image experts look at your file and verify that

it will fulfill the needs of our publications. All cameras have a high-resolution setting on them, and it’s

important to understand that function as you take pictures that you may eventually submit.

Saint Paul Almanac