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Our Mission

Saint Paul Almanac is a literary arts organization. We tell and share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action.

Our Publishing Contract

By submitting to Saint Paul Almanac, you agree to the following terms, which grant the Almanac unlimited use of your piece in print, on the web, or elsewhere, and which also affirms that you are completely free to resell or re-license your work anywhere else without our permission.

Author/Artist understands the material provided is to be used by Saint Paul Almanac and that Saint Paul Almanac will own and copyright the work provided in its name. Author/Artist grants Saint Paul Almanac copyright rights to the material for use in the Saint Paul Almanac anthology, on the Saint Paul Almanac website, and in any subsequent repurposing of the material (i.e., new editions, “Best of” editions, etc.). The Author/Artist shall be free, without any approval from Saint Paul Almanac, to use or license their material in any other way the Author/Artist wishes. 

In the case of content editing and copy editing, during the final stages of the editorial process, the publisher will have the editorial authority to edit both poetry and prose (e.g., articles and stories) for readability and space considerations. During the earlier stages of the editing process, the Author agrees to work with the editor(s) to revise accepted work.

The Author/Artist warrant that the material is original and that the Author/Artist owns the publishing and all other rights to the material and that said rights are not subject to any prior agreement or other right that may interfere with or impair the rights of Saint Paul Almanac under this agreement.


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